Welcome to our new site!

“Warp Street” (mixed media Metagraph and acrylic, 45” x 58”) is a collaboration between Santa Barbara artists Sol Hill and Chad Avery.

Welcome to SILO118 - the new adventure begins!

After a season of fits and starts Silo118 is launching its new website gallery and store.

We created this website as a place for people to find out about what’s going on in the art world and learn about how art and the world and culture intersect; to understand how art impacts our daily lives in ways subtle and not so subtle.  

We invite you to scroll through the works featured on these pages; you will find a broad range of styles, concepts and techniques. The website will be organic, ever changing with new artists and artifacts. Check back often to see what’s new.

We will try to keep up with our artists’ many endeavors - exhibits, projects, etc. to bring that information to you.  By example, Carpinteria photographer Patricia Houghton Clarke recently received an honorable mention award from the International Photo Awards - out of 750 entries.  Check out her page to get the details.  

We’d love to hear from you - and please, we invite you to consider buying a piece of art. Supporting the arts is one of the most impactful things you can do - it allows creatives to do what they should be doing - and it will enhance your life in ways that may be hard to imagine if you are new to collecting. 

A great piece of art will bring you a lot of joy - a touchstone in your home or place of work. To the viewing world of your friends, neighbors and colleagues, it is a reflection of your interests. It speaks to you and to them through you.

Also check out the curator’s corner - so far only two curators, but it will grow!

Bonnie Rubenstein


You can also check out our Silo118 and our artists on Artsy.net! Our current online exclusive show, “Welcome Newbies!”, features work by artists new to Silo118: Len Davis, Sheryl Denbo, Martin Lapalma, and Barbara Marks. Click the button below to visit us on Artsy!

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