Silo118 presents the first annual


Over 100 works of art ranging from $65 to $1,000

Announcing a special holiday show! We have paintings, photographs, works on paper, and more to provide wonderful gift choices for your special folks - including yourself! Twelve Silo118 artists are involved in this show: Michael Armour, Sheryl Denbo, Alonzo Davis, Len Davis, GONE, Susannah Hays, Patricia Houghton Clarke, Martin Lapalma, Barbara Marks, Tom Pazderka, Roger Stevens, and - our newest Silo118 artist - Salvatore Matteo, who does multi-media photography and paper sculpture in three dimensional framed pieces.

Also in our holiday show, curator Bonnie Rubenstein is showing Michael Cao, Neal Crosbie, Emily Morrill, Dean Nimmer, Matt Sesow, John White, and small paintings by unknown Haitian artists

Curator Lynn Holley is showing Jeanne Dentzel, Mary Freericks, John Treadway and Travis Treveh.

Click on each piece to view it in our shop. You can also visit various artist and curator pages in our shop to see additional works.

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