Martin Lapalma

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Artist Biography

Martin Lapalma was born in 1976 in Santa Fe, Argentina. He has come a long way before fully committing himself to the painting. He won a Martin Fierro and an ATVC prize as a documentary filmmaker, owned a jazz club for seven years, and was a radio DJ at his own radio show.

He moved to Buenos Aires in 2007 and started painting full time. A self-taught painter, he got actively involved in the art scene. His painting style, characterized since the early beginning by an audacious mixture of expressive abstraction and figuration, adds more and different elements and acquires, in each new artwork, its distinctive and unique character. His oil brush strokes, his spray stencils with its clear street background, his almost industrial enamel flat surfaces and his gestural pastel oil graphism, coexist harmoniously within a work in constant progress and search.

As if it was a musical language, a powerful and sustained rhythm, although changing, runs throughout all his work as an undeniable personal mark.

Since 2017, he lives between Buenos Aires and Mexico City.