Tom Post

Tom Post.jpg

Tom Post, who was one of Santa Barbara’s most beloved abstract painters, passed away in September 2018. His widow, Patti Post, (married 47 years!) is working with Silo118 to help introduce Tom’s incredible body of work to the world outside Santa Barbara.

After degrees in Structural Architecture from Texas A&M University and a degree in Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, Tom spent 12 years as a full time printmaker (abstract multi-layered serigraph and monotype) and 35 years focused on abstract oil painting.

Please find below a statement written by Tom about his art process. We hope you are as awed by the beauty of his lush canvasses as we are. A special thank you to Patti for providing the images and all the details about Tom’s work.

Artist Statement

My paintings on canvas explore the idea of change and the evolving of images through the process of painting. The large canvases, saturated with color, present the viewer with shapes in constant movement. They relate to mythological figures, landscape, animal forms, fragments of body parts with a ripe undercurrent of sensual and erotic possibilities. Dramatic and verging on the edge of narration, the lush and muscular paintings yet remain abstract, their subjects elusive and intriguing. My ever-shifting forms are suspended in layers of highly charged paint and sweeping, perfectly controlled gestures. These works redefine in contemporary terms the heritage of the Abstract Expressionist painters.

After degrees in architecture and photography, I began working as a printmaker for the next 12 years, primarily producing serigraphs. A series of collages added a spontaneous unplanned nature to the imagery. Having a small etching press, I then spent a year producing monotypes and took that process to the easel with oil paintings which I use today.