Martin Sherman


Artist Biography

Martin Sherman, M.D., began painting at 18 years of age when he had unencumbered daytime while working an 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. night shift. As a combined studio and art history major at Hamilton College while pursuing premedical studies, he was mentored by professor James Penny (former vice president during the 1940s of the Art Students League in NYC). While at Hamilton, he was also able to take art classes at Skidmore College and Cornell University. During his career as a practicing pediatrician he continued to maintain a small art studio where he produced a limited number of pieces. More recently he has begun to devote full time attention to creating varied sized works with predominantly acrylics, charcoal and glazes on canvas and occasional mixed media. Being red-green colorblind has led to interesting choices of color palettes and fascination with light on objects. His work ranges from the recognizable images to completely non-objective. Sometimes he uses familiar signage to explore social issues. Ultimately, he strives to create works that excite his own visual and emotional aesthetic and share them with others.