Michael Blaha


Artist Biography

Michael Blaha is a contemporary abstract artist with a degree in anthropology. His first showing was in the 1982 Idaho Biennial Exhibition in Boise and then in Northwest Juried Art 1983 in Spokane, Washington. 

Blaha currently lives, makes art and shows in Santa Barbara, California, and works as a teacher for artists with intellectual disabilities.

Artist Statement

I sense that above all else (and there's a lot), that the act of painting is trying to negotiate back to an origin of purity that I may have never known while simultaneously trying to move forward.

Common wisdom claims that one cannot try - one either does or does not. It is within the vastness between the extremes of doing and not doing that interesting things happen.

Is art rehearsal

For the nirvanic




Like the moth

In water


Concentric reminders

Of a brutal