Roger Stevens

“Triptych 08,” photograph mounted on board, 16” x 48”

Roger Stevens.jpg

Artist Statement

I live in and work in Chicago where I completed my Masters in Photography from Columbia College in 1992. My visual thesis work concentrated on the industrial architecture in Chicago and capturing the monumental stature of these quotidian and utilitarian sites. As part of my thesis work I wrote a history of the New York Photo League, a completely local and indigenous group of documentary photographers in New York City in the late later 1940’s to 1953.

Since then I have seen used these and other images as the raw material for combining related structures and urban surfaces. In this process I created a series of triptychs. The triptych unifies related images revealing a greater whole with its own visual meaning. In another project I re-combine excised parts of photographs into a new formation. These collage images maintain an internal integrity while, being derived from the same original photograph, but move further to abstraction.

Inspired by my research into the New York Photo League I have started a series of documentary photographs entitled “Red States” as an attempt to capture the ethos of those American states whose electorate chose to give up their self-reliance and personal responsibility, both extolled as truly American ideals, to entrust an demagogue to make decisions for them.