Patricia Houghton Clarke

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Artist Statement

Inherent in our nature we often have a unique response to the world around us, a quiet place of wonder. It is a place inside each of us that says oh.

Not “how” or “why,” but, oh.

It is an exploration of the difference between questioning and wondering, and what that might look like when captured by the alchemy of a photographic lens.

We are in a time of change. Conventional lines between gender, race, politics and geography are being redrawn.

"...Clarke...relies on a poetic visual sensibility, in terms of composition, the Hockney-esque stitchery of her composite images, and the unique quality produced by the Holga..."  -Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara News Press

"...Patricia is a photographer who is deeply committed to the global community as well as the visual documentation of life around her...People want to know more about what she has seen through her lens..."  -Rita Ferri, Fmr. Visual Arts Coordinator, Santa Barbara County Arts Commission

Facing Ourselves

The United Nations High Commission on Refugees estimates that there are currently about 200 million refugees and migrants worldwide who have been displaced from their homes and their countries. This may be due to war, economic disaster, persecution, famine or climate change. Patricia Houghton Clarke’s current project, “Facing Ourselves,” gives a voice to those who have lost everything, endured tremendous hardships, and been forced to leave their homes. The project also tells the stories of the communities that have taken them in and helped them to integrate.

Clarke’s portraits of refugees and migrants invite viewers to consider the scope and nature of this global issue, showing us the faces of individuals who are so much more than mere statistics. She will continue her work with communities in Puglia, Italy; London; Berlin; Copenhagen; Lesbos, Greece; Mexico City, and southern California.  A documentary film about the project, called New Neighbors, is also being made in conjunction with Clarke’s photographic work.

 If you would like to support “Facing Ourselves,” please consider purchasing a mini accordion print (click here for details) or making a direct donation. You can also follow the project on Facebook (click here). Please contact for more information.

We’d like to congratulate Patricia on her recent award from the International Photo Awards! She received an honorable mention for her photograph Hold Hope: Barack Obama. In fact, a collection of work from this series is in the Barack Obama Presidential Library! Click here to find out more.