Sheryl Denbo

Sheryl Denbo Facebook Portrait for Gold Wing exhibit.jpg

Artist Statement

I was born in Brooklyn and now divide my time between Santa Barbara and Down East Maine. In both locations I am inspired by what I call the Golden Hour, that time just after sunrise and before sunset when the daylight is subtle and the colors both soft and deep.

I use intense, fluid, metallic colors adding papers and fabrics from around the world. Starting with flat board or canvas I use a variety of techniques to build three-dimensional structures that extend the boundaries of the canvas. Classically layered gold and silver leaf build dynamic, abstract forms that simultaneously elicit traditional and contemporary images.

Emerging from nature and created in California and rural Maine, my paintings transcend traditional urban/rural divides. Instead, the work responds to the natural light changing with the time of day, month of the year, location, and weather conditions. Viewed from different vantage points each piece can seem to magically change color.

I’ve been influenced by many, but especially by my teachers Helen Corning and Bruce Dorfman who taught me to trust myself. The artists Gustav Klimt and Robert Rauschenberg taught me, among other things, not to be afraid of kitsch.