Sophie Cooper

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Artist Statement

I grew up in the town of Megève in the French Alps. At an early age I yearned to experience life beyond those picturesque mountain peaks. In my late teens, I started taking summer jobs in the U.S. – working in Chicago, Boston, Newport RI, and eventually Santa Barbara, where I now live.

While I enjoyed drawing and making crafts as a young girl, it wasn’t until my late 20s that I took my first art class and a whole new world of self-expression and creativity opened up.

I was introduced to oil painting, focusing largely on landscapes. I painted plein air for nine years while also studying figure drawing and portraiture.

In 2009 my personal vision started to emerge and I began painting the structures of piers and cities. Today, inspired by recent visits to New York, I am increasingly drawn to urban and industrial scenes. The city’s towering buildings and street canyons are reminiscent of the peaks and valleys of my youth. As an artist, I see myself continuing to study the human form and architecture while applying the same principles of simplification to both.