Karen Lehrer


Artist Statement

I’m inspired by the repeating patterns and shapes I notice all around me – in design, architecture, and nature. Currently I am influenced by the textures which result from erosion on man made and natural surfaces such as rust, wood, weathered stones, and moss or algae patterns which only nature can create. I find myself using this symbolic language of patterns and shapes to more accurately depict and describe the world around me, both physical and imagined.

My use of color is directly influenced by the amazing and unlimited spectrum of hues found in nature. For example, I’m inspired by the contrast of acid green lichen peeking through snow-covered rocks, on a ski trip, or color combinations I see while on a walk, or in a pile of bleached seashells. 

My current paintings are begun with no preconceived idea in mind. I paint in layers, and respond to the prior layer of dried paint, with each subsequent layer.  It is not unusual for my paintings to have as many as eight to ten layers.  Each early layer is the history which develops as the painting progresses, until there is nothing in the painting which bothers me.  Then it’s done.