Doug DaFoe


Artist Biography

Doug DaFoe describes his work as “three-dimensional tessellations in wood and paint.” Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Doug had a 40-year career as a cabinet maker and general contractor. While developing his craft, Doug became fascinated with and studied midcentury modern architecture and furniture, appreciating the precise attention to detail that gave each piece its clean yet inviting form. After he retired from work as a builder, he was able to spend more time developing and exploring an artistic approach to his woodworking skills. Delving into the play of light and color, shapes and dimensions, angles and proportions, he creates pieces of art that marry all these facets. Doing this, he learned that each piece has its own life and expression, and conveys more than he thought it could. This fascination is what drives him into the studio every morning to work all day with wood, paint, and proportions.