JoAnn Belson


Artist Statement

“My interests are fueled by a dialogue among natural forms...and an eidetic rendition allowing each its own power to carried by the face of materials used. I feel the need for materials to carry the image from either a public or private distance. So one is seduced to the tactical surface from 30" or 2' feet. In a dialogue with materials I constantly change color, shape and direction and as a result a history of the process reveals my shifting decision making.”

JoAnn Belson’s works are striking, tactile portraits of her past, present and her inner world. Fearless in the face of the subconscious, Ms. Belson follows where the Muse leads her, and her series are an unusually well documented account of her creative process. JoAnn Belson’s work has been featured in the pages of The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times, as well as various European art and shelter publications. Ms. Belson’s corporate collectors include Sony Pictures, Dreamworks and Jim Henson Films, and her work has been used in several films. Private collectors include Nancy Meyers, Diana & Barry Levinson, Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, Robin & Marsha Williams, Billy & Janice Crystal, Phil Jackson Taylor and Wendy & Peter Asher, to name a few. Ms. Belson has had one-woman shows at the Karen Lynn Gallery in Boca Raton Florida and Green Space in Beverly Hills California. Her work is regularly showcased at the LA Art Show.