Christian Garcia-Olivo

Artist Statement

I believe that art is about the process, not the end result.
My work grows from the exploration of the material: paint . As a painter, I have always
been intrigued with the different ways paint can be applied to a canvas. Taking inspiration from
postmodern artists such Pollock, Richter, and Rauschenberg, I would always experiment with
different tools and techniques. My continuous exploration of “non traditional” technique and
process has allowed me to develop a fascination with texture and the way paint can accumulate
and recede. instead of cleaning my palette after painting I would let it dry, scrape the dry paint
off, and use the shavings as added texture in paintings. Gradually, the paint scraps became more
prominent in my work. and three dimensional because I would paste big scraps directly onto the
painting, almost like a collage.

My discovery of paint scraps and the collaging technique has lead me to explore the
versatility of paint. I am interested in the way paint can be manipulated and transformed to create
different sculptural forms and textures. I take acrylic paint and apply it to different surfaces and
materials such as glass, plastic, dirt, balloons, paper, latex, leaves, twigs and water. I let the paint
dry and settle; giving the material time to form its own shape and existence. I then remove/peel
the paint from the surface and the result is an individual paint “organism”. I use another process,
like weaving or collaging, to bring the pieces together and arrange them onto a wood panel.
I see my recent work as “Sculptural Paintings” that question the definition of painting
itself. They are a melding of different processes that come together and form fluidity, unity,
repetition, emotion, order, structure and chaos.