Alonzo Davis

Artist Alonzo Davis is a painter, sculptor, and social activist, especially advocating for minority artists. Read about him in a powerful NY Times article titled “Why Have There Been No Great Black Art Dealers?”, which chronicles the achievements of groundbreaking gallerists and art dealers such as Joeanna Bellorado-Samuels, Linda Goode Bryant, and Alonzo Davis and his brother Dale (the two opened Brockman Gallery in Los Angeles in 1967). “In the path they cleared, black gallerists continue to disrupt the art world’s homogeneity, one show, one art fair, one press release at a time.” 

alonzo davis.jpg

Davis’ dedication to the arts doesn’t stop there. Since 2007, the Alonzo Davis Fellowship at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) has provided fully-funded residencies to artists, writers, and composers of African or Latinx descent.